The Limits of the Constitution are Not Merely "Formalistic"


By Hadley Heath

You might recall that in 1993, Betsy McCaughey was a leading patient advocate who read, interpreted, and analyzed Clinton's massive health bill.  She has a Ph. D. in Constitutional History, and she is again today an invaluable voice in the analysis of ObamaCare's implications.  About Judge Vinson's most recent Order in State of Florida v. Department of Health and Human Services, she aptly notes in her New York Post oped piece:

Vinson reminded the nation that even in the face of a perceived crisis, such as the number of uninsured and rising health costs, it isn't enough that a law be wise or expedient. That law must also respect the limits imposed by the US Constitution. Those limits are not merely "formalistic," he said; they protect liberty.

Read her full piece here.


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