The Majority of Voters Want Supreme Court to Decide


By Hadley Heath

World Net Daily reports that according to a recent national poll, 53 percent of likely voters want the Supreme Court to decide whether the health reform law is constitutional. 

"The health reform bill has been at the helm of most debates this election cycle," said Vik Rubenfled, the polling director for PJTV.

"Our nationwide survey shows that 53 percent of the likely voters believe health reform's constitutionality needs to be addressed by the nation's highest court. It is interesting to find that nearly one in three Democrats feels the same way," he said.

Read the full article here.  It seems likely that this 53-percent majority will get its way.  Already a couple of the cases have reached the appellate level, and the two most prominent cases (the Florida case and the Virginia case) have already survived Motions to Dismiss.  The Virginia case will have a ruling on the law's constitutionality on or before New Year's Day.


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