Ohio to Join Multi-State Suit


By Hadley Heath

New Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine (who took office Monday) has announced that the Buckeye State will join 23 other states who are suing the federal government over ObamaCare.  Virginia and Oklahoma have their own individual cases, and there are 21 other states in the Florida case.  When Ohio is added to the Florida case, the total number of states who are suing will be 24, nearly half of the states in the U.S.

In a press release, DeWine said:

“By ignoring the constitutional limits on federal power, the health care law tramples on the rights of Ohio’s citizens.  We need to defend the checks and balances that our Constitution creates through its divisions of power and protect the people of Ohio from this huge federal overreach.”

Ohio’s previous Attorney General Richard Cordray had declined to join the lawsuit, but Ohio is one among several states who might be expected to join a lawsuit in 2011, after a change in party leadership.  This request to add Ohio to the multi-state case follows last week’s addition of Wisconsin as a plaintiff. 

The Dayton Daily News reports:

In a letter to Florida Attorney General Pamela Jo Bondi, DeWine authorized her to seek to amend the complaint to add Ohio as a plaintiff.

“The act vastly exceeds federal powers under Article I of the Constitution; it encroaches upon the rights of Ohio citizens and greatly burdens the states,” DeWine wrote in the letter.

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