Wow - That's a lot of States!


By Hadley Heath

The Florida Case now has 26 states signed on as plaintiffs.  That’s more than half the states in the Union!  Today six states were officially added to the complaint: Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Wyoming, Wisconsin, and Ohio.  None of these were hugely surprising additions: They were among a list of states that witnessed a leadership change in the 2010 midterm elections.  Now the new leaders in their states join the case in the Northern District of Florida.  For the full list of plaintiffs, visit the Florida case page.

The last news on this case was a Summary Judgment hearing on December 16.  Judge Roger Vinson heard oral arguments from the plaintiff states and the defendant, the federal government.  He is expected to hand down a ruling for Summary Judgment in the next week. 

(At, out count of total states suing is now up to 28.  That’s all the states in the Florida case, plus Virginia in its own case, and Oklahoma that has announced it will also file its own suit.)


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