Are we citizens or subjects?


By Hadley Heath

This week's ruling from the District of Columbia court is discouraging.  Randy Barnett, Professor of Legal Theory at Georgetown Law explains why:

This decision makes crystal clear that the government is seeking the dangerous and unprecedented power to regulate the economic "decisions" of all Americans -- including the decision to refrain from engaging in economic activity.  If allowed by the Supreme Court, Americans would be reduced from citizens to the subjects of Congress, which would now have the discretionary power to run their lives.

There is so much more at stake in these health care lawsuits than health insurance.  When the government mandates that we buy something - with our dollars, our resources - this sets a bad precedent.  Our country is about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Each individual should be free to pursue happiness as he or she chooses, and that means making decisions about what to do with resources - not being subject to government mandates about what to buy.


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