David Rivkin Explains Individual Mandate


This week the Cato Institute held an event in honor of the one-year anniversary of Obama's health care overhaul.  In this video from the event, David Rivkin (an attorney for the plaintiffs in Florida v. DHHS) explains that the expansion of government power in ObamaCare strikes at the "heart of our constitutional architecture" because the American federal government is one of enumerated powers. 

Some of Rivkin's words are in "legalese," but it's not too thick.  Enjoy.


Most recently in this case, in a ruling on a the Defendants' Motion to Clarify, Federal Judge Roger Vinson stayed his own ruling and gave the Defendants seven days to file for an appeal.  So now this case is headed to the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals.  This court is expected to hear the case in late summer or early fall.


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