Check Out the New Interactive Health Care Lawsuits Timeline!


By Hadley Heath

Don't you just hate it when you pass the biggest, most dramatic piece of domestic legislation in decades... and then several lawsuits pop up, questioning its Constitutionality? 

That's the case with ObamaCare.. or cases, I should say, since more than 30 lawsuits have been filed.  More than half the states in the Union are suing, too.  But I bet you already knew that.

What you might NOT know, is where all the cases stand.  You might not know, for example, when to expect the next appellate hearing. (HINT: July 13, Baldwin v. Sebelius)

So... to help you out, just got even better.  We've updated the "Timeline" part of the Web site, and it now includes this nifty interactive tool that you can use to sort through the cases, by legal argument, by status, even by date.

Go ahead, click on the image below or click on "the TIMELINE" in the menu above and go try it out!


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