DC Circuit Hears Seven-Sky Case Today


By Hadley Heath

The D.C. Circuit will consider the Seven-Sky v. Holder case today.  This case is among the more interesting, because the Plaintiffs will argue that the purchase of health insurance is contrary to their religious beliefs and will claim that their rights are violated under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993.  Read their complaint here

Oral arguments began at 9:30 am today.  You know the drill by now: Each side has about 40 minutes to present their case and answer questions from the randomly-selected three-judge panel.  Who are the judges?

  1. Circuit Judge Brett Kavanaugh (G.W. Bush appointee).
  2. Senior Circuit Judge Harry T. Edwards (Carter appointee).
  3. Senior Circuit Judge Laurence H. Silberman (Reagan appointee).

Find out more about the panel from a blog at ACA Litigation blog here.

This case is late to the appeals-court party, but the opinion of this panel may carry some weight at the Supreme Court level when another case - probably the Florida case - finally makes it there. 


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