Indiana and 15 School Groups File Lawsuit Against IRS Rule


By Hadley Heath

Today the State of Indiana filed a lawsuit against the ObamaCare IRS Rule that extends federal subsidies (and thereby employer mandates) into states that elected NOT to establish exchanges.

Watch an informational video about the IRS rule here.

Indiana is joined by 15 school corporations, who will suffer harm because of the employer mandate. From the Attorney General's press release:

“The costly and burdensome employer mandate the IRS wrongly applies to government employers such as our school corporation interferes with our ability to efficiently manage our workforce. We always strive to be good stewards of tax dollars in educating our community’s students, but our school corporation’s efforts are undermined by the IRS overstepping its bounds that Congress set.  As public servants who revere the Constitution, we join with the State in asking the federal court to correct the IRS’s overreach,” said Assistant Superintendent Randy Taylor of MSD of Martinsville.

Although the IRS rule is already being challenged in Pruitt and Halbig, this case is unique because public school districts are among the plaintiffs.


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