House Votes 225-201 to Sue Obama Administration


By Hadley Heath Manning

Today the House of Representatives voted to proceed with a lawsuit challenging the President's executive overreach, specifically his executive action to delay the implementation of the employer mandate in the Affordable Care Act or ObamaCare.

Here is House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy's statement on today's vote:

"Today, we face a real and increasing threat to our liberty. Time and again, the President has exceeded his Constitutional authority by unilaterally rewriting, ignoring, or suspending the laws duly enacted by Congress and, in many cases, signed by this President himself.

“The time-tested wisdom of our Constitutional architecture is being corrupted by the consolidation of all three forms of government authority— executive, judicial, and legislative— in one place.

“This is not about politics; this is about restoring the checks and balances of our Constitution. Today’s vote signaled that we in Congress will act to assert our core constitutional responsibility to write and amend the laws. In so doing, we hope to reestablish that balance between and among the three branches that has been ignored by the President these past five and a half years.”


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