Study Shows Potential Impact of King v. Burwell


By Hadley Heath

Today the American Action Forum released a new study that shows the potential economic impact of King v. Burwell. If the Supreme Court rules that the IRS acted illegally in dispursing federal subsidies to states that did not establish their own health insurance exchanges, here's what would happen:

  • 7.7 Million Individuals to Lose Health Insurance Subsidy
  • $3,156 Average Annual Subsidy Impacted Individuals will Lose
  • 11.1 Million Individuals Freed from Individual Mandate
  • $1,200 Average Annual Penalty Impacted Individuals will be Freed From
  • 262,000 Business Establishments Freed from Employer Mandate
  • 237,000 New Jobs
  • 1,270,000 Workers Added to the Labor Force
  • $830 to $940 Increase in Pay Per Worker
  • $13.6 Billion Increase in Total Pay
  • 3,300,000 Part-time Workers Who May Gain Hours

Check out the full study here for more information. 




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